Make Salsa Part Of Your Holiday

Salsa in Thailand


Tourists traveling to Thailand expect a vacation experience that is unique and exotic. Many come from Western nations and want to explore the Far East. Because of political restrictions, many Westerners avoid or are not welcomed into some Asian countries. Thailand, with its culture of acceptance and welcome, has been a good land for Westerners to be introduced into the cultures of Southeast Asia. As a crossroads of trade and travel, Thailand offers tourists the exotic feel of the Far East with modern amenities of the West.

The dance forms of Thailand are rigidly formal. Even the dances of the general population have specific ritual meanings and are performed only during certain events. Classical Thai dance is a way to tell stories and is often performed during festivals or in a stage setting. It is not a dance where the audience is asked to participate. This does not mean dancing is forbidden. It simply means the Thai culture never developed a form of popular dance music.

Thailand is a culture that keeps its own cultural norms rigidly in place without restricting its people. In the major cities of Thailand, Salsa clubs abound. Bangkok, the capital city, offers a variety of Salsa clubs and studios for learning Salsa. Phuket, a very popular resort destination on the southern Thailand peninsula, also sports its share of Salsa clubs. Those that are looking for a holiday that mixes exploring the exotic culture of Thailand with pleasures from home will be warmly welcomed in the local Salsa clubs.

Touring during the day and dancing at night can create sore muscles. Before leaving Thailand for home, it would be best to get a Thai massage. No matter where the tour leads in this country, traditional Thai massage is available. The masseuse will find all those sore knots of muscle and make any aching and weary tourist feel like a new person. This is one of the pleasures of Thailand that should not be missed.