Make Salsa Part Of Your Holiday

Salsa Hot Spots


People traveling to countries such as Argentina, Peru or Spain would expect to find a lot of Salsa clubs. These are all Latino countries, and Salsa is considered a very Latino form of dance and music. What people generally do not expect is to find Salsa in countries without a large Latino population. While New York City is American, Salsa was brought by people fleeing the political situation in Cuba. There has been a large Latino community there for years.

Large cities like London, Paris and Berlin also have their fair share of Salsa clubs. Some of these clubs were formed when the original dance craze swept the world. Others were formed when people moved to these new cities for work or study. No matter the reason, these clubs welcome outsiders warmly. Tour groups to Europe can and do include stops at Salsa clubs for those looking forward to a fun dance experience while away from home.