Make Salsa Part Of Your Holiday

Salsa Around The World


From the very beginning, Salsa has been a dance the that traveled around the world. People that never considered Latino dancing suddenly woke up and found they were in love with it. Salsa is a quick paced dance that is easy for almost anyone to learn. The upbeat music keeps dancers on their feet and moving to the beat. As its fame spread, Salsa Clubs opened up around the world.

One of the beauties of Salsa dancing is the atmosphere provided in the clubs devoted to this dance form. Outsiders are welcomed with warmth and eagerness. As the music and dance form traveled, many different variations were introduced. Dancers from one area would have slightly different moves. These variations quickly became celebrated and is one of the reasons Salsa clubs encourage visitors from other areas. Today, Salsa dancers can enjoy tours all around the globe that feature their favorite dance.