Make Salsa Part Of Your Holiday

A Salsa Tour to Havana


The Caribbean island of Cuba is the birthplace of Salsa music and dance. It was introduced to the world at large in a Havana night club. At the time, Havana was a favorite hot spot for tourists from around the world. Once introduced, both the music and dance enjoyed great popularity. Salsa clubs opened up in cities around the world and became a popular way to spend an evening on the dance floor.

In today's world, Salsa has developed a great number of variations. Fusion has taken place between the original version of the music and dance and the host countries where it has been popular for decades. For those that want to learn the original music and movies, a trip to Havana should be on their list of things to do. Only in Havana will a person be able to experience the true Salsa music and dance.

Salsa is Cuba's national dance. Visiting the capital of Havana offers dancers a chance to experience it in a new way. A Salsa tour to Havana includes a tour of the city and its hot spots. Day trips can also be arranged to see the local sugar plantations and tobacco farms. The beaches of Cuba are a sight not to be missed. This tropical island will show dancers the true flavor of the origins of Salsa.

Once the sun goes down, the dancing begins. A tour of Havana would not be complete without going to the hottest night clubs on the island to dance the night away. Whether a dancer is experienced or a beginner, a Salsa holiday in Havana offers lessons in the original Salsa dance moves. A local dance partner is provided to ensure visitors are comfortable learning the original moves to this famous Cuban dance.