Programme April 2018 – August 2018

April 2018  
6.4.18Portrait Print and PDI Panel CompetitionJudge: Keith Evans FRPS
13.4.18Set Theme Competition: AutumnJudged by the Members
Critiques by Martin Faiers
19.4.18Out & AboutersOrganisers: Tony & Gloria Morris
Trip to the Houses of Parliament
(Limited availability - booked places only)
20.4.18Special General Meeting followed by an
Open Discussion - looking forward to 2018/19
Refer to email 15.4.18 for details
27.4.18Guest SpeakerAsgtrid McGechan: Feel the landscape photography and emotion
May 2018
4.5.18Members' Evening1. Marc Smith: Travels through Vietnam
2. Brush Up Session: Pat Couder will help us improve our techniques
11.5.18Annual Awards Evening
12.5.18Out & AboutersOrganisers: Gloria & Tony Morris - Garden Museum, Lambeth
18.5.18AGM & Auction
25.5.18Guest SpeakerAnn Healey - Beautiful Bugs
June 2018
1.6.18Members' Evening1. Andrew Gunn
2. Brush Up Session
8.6.18A look at some the entries for the BPE Competitions. What's your opinion?Pat Couder and Ian Brash
15.6.18Guest SpeakerColleen Slater - Out of the Ordinary
16.6.18Out & AboutersOrganisers: Romney & Anne Tansley - Venue TBA
22.6.18Members' TrophyJudged by the Members
29.6.18Members' Evening1. TBA
2. Pictures Clinic
July 2018
6.7.18Wildlife and Nature CompetitionJudge: Mick White
8.7.18 Please note: Sunday eventOut & AboutersOrganisers: John & Linda Nitsche - Columbia Road Flower Market
13.7.18Guest SpeakerPeter Humphries - My Journey to Fellowship
August 2018
11.8.18Out & AboutersOrganisers: TBA
Summer Break (Returning 7.9.18)

Programme September 2018 – December 2018

September 2018  
7.9.18Chairman's Evening
8.9.18Out & AboutersOrganiser: TBA
14.9.18First Print CompetitionJudge: Gerald Kityakara LRPS
21.9.18Members' Evening1. Ron Smith FRPS - my photography
2. Brush Up Session
28.9.18First PDI CompetitionJudge: David Eastley LRPS
October 2018
5.10.18Guest SpeakerDarren Woolway - Composites
12.10.18Annual ExhibitionJudge: TBA
13.10.18Out & AboutersOrganiser: TBA
19.10.19Second Print CompetitionJudge: Roger Mendam
26.10.18Members' Evening1. Tony Morris - Tales of an Emergency Planner
2. Pictures Clinic
November 2018
2.11.18Second PDI CompetitionJudge: Graham Wales LRPS
5.11.18SLF Competition - Carshalton CCJudge: David Eastley LRPS
9.11.18Members' Evening1. Eddie Whiston - Walking the Capital Ring
2. Brush Up Session
16.11.18Guest SpeakerMick White - The love of nature
23.11.18Set Theme CompetitionPDIs - Theme TBA
December 2018
7.12.18Third Print CompetitionJudge: Bob Turner FRPS
14.12.18Members' Evening1. TBA
2. Pictures Clinic
21.12.18Christmas Party
Christmas & New Year Break
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Programme January 2019 – May 2019

January 2019  
11.1.193rd PDI CompetitionJudge: Paul Adams DPAGB
181.19Guest SpeakerJohn Nathan: Clash of cultures (China & Tibet)
22.1.19SLF Plate Comp - Orpington CCJudge: Steve Kingswell ARPS AFIAP
251.19Fourth Print CompetitionJudge: Steve Lawrenson ARPS
February 2019
1..2.19Hosting of SLF Plate CompetitionJudge: Andy Smith LRPS CPAGB
8.2.19Fourth PDI CompetitionJudge: Gerald Kityakara LRPS
15.2.19Guest SpeakerPaul Adams - Printing to further distinctions
22.2.19Fifth Print CompetitionJudge: Glyn Bareham LRPS CPAGB
March 2019
1.3.19Members' Evening1. TBA
2. Pictures Clinic
8.3.19Fifth PDI CompetitionJudge: David Mendus
15.3.19Guest SpeakerGordon Roots - Street Photography
22.3.19Finals NightJudge: David Eastley LRPS
29.3.19Annual Outing Weekend
April 2019
5.4.19Members' Evening1. TBA
2. Brush Up Session
12.4.19Portrait Print and PDI Panel CompetitionJudge: John Warren
19.4.19Easter Break
26.4.19Guest SpeakerAnn Beauchamp - India - Rajasthan
May 2019
3.5.19Members' Evening1. TBA
2. Pictures Clinic
10.5.19Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony
17.5.19AGM and Auction