Programme April 2018 – August 2018

April 2018  
6.4.18Portrait Print and PDI Panel CompetitionJudge: Keith Evans FRPS
13.4.18Set Theme Competition: AutumnJudged by the Members
Critiques by Martin Faiers
19.4.18Out & AboutersOrganisers: Tony & Gloria Morris
Trip to the Houses of Parliament
(Limited availability - booked places only)
20.4.18Special General Meeting followed by an
Open Discussion - looking forward to 2018/19
Refer to email 15.4.18 for details
24.4.18AV Meeting
27.4.18Guest SpeakerAsgtrid McGechan: Feel the landscape photography and emotion
May 2018
4.5.18Members' Evening1. Marc Smith: Travels through Vietnam
2. Brush Up Session: Pat Couder will help us improve our techniques
11.5.18Annual Awards Evening
12.5.18Out & AboutersOrganisers: TBA
18.5.18AGM & Auction
25.5.18Guest SpeakerAnn Healey - Beautiful Bugs
June 2018
1.6.18Members' Evening1. Andrew Gunn
2. Brush Up Session
15.6.18Guest SpeakerColleen Slater - Out of the Ordinary
16.6.18Out & AboutersOrganisers: Romney & Anne Tansley - Venue TBA
22.6.18Members' TrophyJudged by the Members
26.6.18AV Meeting
29.6.18Members' Evening1. TBA
2. Pictures Clinic
July 2018
6.7.18Wildlife and Nature CompetitionJudge: Mick White
8.7.18 Please note: Sunday eventOut & AboutersOrganisers: John & Linda Nitsche - Columbia Road Flower Market
13.7.18Guest SpeakerPeter Humphries - My Journey to Fellowship
24.7.18AV Meeting
August 2018
11.8.18Out & AboutersOrganisers: TBA
28.8.18AV Meeting
Summer Break (Returning 7.9.18)

Programme September 2018 – December 2018

September 2018  
7.9.18Chairman's Evening
8.9.18Out & AboutersOrganiser: TBA
14.9.18First Print CompetitionJudge: Gerald Kityakara LRPS
21.9.18Members' Evening1. Ron Smith FRPS - my photography
2. Brush Up Session
25.9.18AV Meeting
28.9.18First PDI CompetitionJudge: David Eastley LRPS
October 2018
5.10.18Guest SpeakerDarren Woolway - Composites
12.10.18Annual ExhibitionJudge: TBA
13.10.18Out & AboutersOrganiser: TBA
19.10.19Second Print CompetitionJudge: Roger Mendam
22.10.18SLF Competition - South London CCJudge: Martin Faiers
24.10.18AV Meeting
26.10.18Members' Evening1. Tony Morris - Tales of an Emergency Planner
2. Pictures Clinic
30.10.18SLF Competition - Old Coulsdon CCJudge: Marcus Scott-Taggart
November 2018
2.11.18Second PDI CompetitionJudge: Graham Wales LRPS
5.11.18SLF Competition - Carshalton CCJudge: David Eastley LRPS
9.11.18Members' Evening1. Eddie Whiston - Walking the Capital Ring
2. Brush Up Session
10.11.18Out & AboutersOrganisers: TBA
16.11.18Guest SpeakerMick White - The love of nature
13.11.18SLF Competition - West Wickham CCJudge: Gerald Kitiyakara LRPS
20.11.18SLF Competition - Aperture Woolwich CCJudge: Ian Brash BPE1*
23.11.18Set Theme CompetitionPDIs - Theme TBA
27.11.18AV Meeting
29.11.18SLF Competition - Bromley CCJudge: Clive Tanner FRPS DPAGB
December 2018
7.12.18Third Print CompetitionJudge: Bob Turner FRPS
14.12.18Members' Evening1. TBA
2. Pictures Clinic
21.12.18Christmas Party
Christmas & New Year Break
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Programme January 2019 – May 2019

January 2019  
11.1.193rd PDI CompetitionJudge: Paul Adams DPAGB
181.19Guest SpeakerJohn Nathan: Clash of cultures (China & Tibet)
22.1.19SLF Plate Comp - Orpington CCJudge: Steve Kingswell ARPS AFIAP
251.19Fourth Print CompetitionJudge: Steve Lawrenson ARPS
291.19AV Meeting
February 2019
1..2.19Hosting of SLF Plate CompetitionJudge: Andy Smith LRPS CPAGB
6.2.19SLF Plate Comp - Croydon CCJudge: \Tim Morland ARPS
8.2.19Fourth PDI CompetitionJudge: Gerald Kityakara LRPS
12.2.19SLF Semi - West Wickham CCJudge: Glyn Bareham LRPS CPAGB
15.2.19Guest SpeakerPaul Adams - Printing to further distinctions
20.2.19SLF Semi - Cheam CCJudge: Keith Evans FRPS DPAGB
22.2.19Fifth Print CompetitionJudge: Glyn Bareham LRPS CPAGB
27.2.19SLF Plate Final - Beckenham CCJudge: Rosemary Wilman Hon FRPS AFIAP BPE5
March 2019
1.3.19Members' Evening1. TBA
2. Pictures Clinic
8.3.19Fifth PDI CompetitionJudge: David Mendus
15.3.19Guest SpeakerGordon Roots - Street Photography
22.3.19Finals NightJudge: David Eastley LRPS
27.3.19AV Meeting
29.3.19Annual Outing Weekend
April 2019
5.4.19Members' Evening1. TBA
2. Brush Up Session
12.4.19Portrait Print and PDI Panel CompetitionJudge: John Warren
19.4.19Easter Break
23.4.19AV Meeting
26.4.19Guest SpeakerAnn Beauchamp - India - Rajasthan
May 2019
3.5.19Members' Evening1. TBA
2. Pictures Clinic
10.5.19Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony
17.5.19AGM and Auction